Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Angela Henderson's Lawsuit Against UIC for Libel/Slander

Here is the complaint filed by Angela Henderson against UIC. The parts I find most compelling I've highlighted in yellow. On the cover page, note that the lawsuit is for Libel/Slander:

On this page, you'll see that I am the "leader" of the "disgruntled" faculty attempting to "undermine" the university as well as "stop" its advancement. Also, the one major accomplishment of Watson's regime, the accreditation that we would have gotten with anyone as president, is again trotted out as a one size fits all defense of the administration's competence. At the bottom of the page, a clairvoyant Henderson informs the court of the motives behind my examination of her dissertation:

This page features the various defenses of Henderson's plagiarism. Henderson might have made an attempt to get her facts straight here (see item 16):

From the Tribune story of January 14, 2014:

Again, Henderson should strive for at least a modicum of accuracy (see item 31):

Here is the only time Colley is quoted in the January 14 article:

On this page, the complaint asserts that the educational qualifications of the highly-compensated Chief Academic Officer at a Doctoral granting public university are "not of legitimate public concern."

Given the kind of suit Henderson has filed, it might be instructive for readers to research the criteria for libel/slander/defamation as well as the defenses against those allegations.


  1. It is clear from this document that the P.R. team and lawyers hired to defend Angela Henderson's shameless plagiarism are following the simple principle "that a lie repeated often enough becomes the truth" (attributed to Josef Goebbels among others).

    As one of the MANY, not "few," "disgruntled" faculty at CSU who are disgusted by the rapaciousness of the Watson regime and what he represents with all his crony-hiring, I am compelled to point out that Dr. Bionaz's report to UIC was anything but anonymous. Henderson's lawyers are lying. Dr Bionaz did not send an anonymous report to UIC. In fact, the reason UIC took the report about the Henderson dissertation seriously was because the report that was sent to them openly and honestly was signed by Robert Bionaz.

    As to Angela Henderson's lawyers' speculation as to the "intent" behind the "disgruntled faculty's" actions, they should know that since then Board Chair Leon Finney's trumped up show hiring of Wayne Watson in 2009, (a "search" that wasted both faculty time and taxpayer money--cf so many others since under Wayne Watson), we, the disgrunted, have been committed to shining a light on the abuse of this tax-payer funded institution by politicians and their political cronies. Yes we are trying to undermine the university that is run like a political ward and patronage pit. We are trying to undermine the phonies masquerading as academic officers who preen about with titles, but have no substance.

    In January a blogger posted the following:
    "As its own faculty rebels, Chicago State’s paranoia grows out of control. The university’s spokesman, asked to comment about the plagiarism allegations, said “[W]e are talking about a series of claims made by some individuals who have shown they will go to great lengths to undermine any member of this administration in any way they can.”

    Too right. The claims have been openly made by CSU faculty members who want legitimate people running the university. These faculty members are indeed trying to undermine the administration. It ought to be undermined."


  2. So Angie’s argument goes like this:
    Robert Bionaz is out to get her;
    Robert Bionaz read her dissertation carefully;
    Robert Bionaz found mistakes in attribution;
    Everyone who gets a PhD at UIC makes the same mistakes;
    Robert Bionaz brought the problems with the dissertation to UIC officials;
    Robert Bionaz is MEAN;
    Angela is nice and meek and mild;
    UIC didn’t tell Angela that her dissertation was under review;
    Angela fixed the problems with the dissertation (that she wasn’t informed about?);
    UIC violated FERPA by talking to the Tribune about the mistakes in her dissertation;
    Angela is embarrassed about having her little mistakes pointed out;
    UIC will not engage her in a conversation about how badly they’ve treated her;
    There is probably a conspiracy against Angela at UIC;
    UIC is MEAN.

    There is nothing here that rises to libel or slander. Nothing that has been written about Angela Henderson’s dissertation or her lack of credentials for her position is untrue. Professor Bionez openly gave UIC officials his report on the flawed dissertation; the report contained no untruths. Therefore, there is no slander or libel.

    What’s missing here is the realization that Ms. Angie has been treated with the same courtesy and professionalism that she and Lil Wayne dish out against any hapless students they deem not sufficiently on board. She really just needs to face up to the fact that she is not qualified to run a lunch wagon, much less a University.

  3. I think a lunch wagon would be a stretch.