Thursday, June 26, 2014

How About a Mass Resignation Tomorrow?

Tomorrow is another Board of Trustees meeting. Instead of the usual humdrum fare, how about if three of the major architects of the disaster that has become Chicago State resign? For the good of the institution of course. Wouldn't it be a nice gesture if Wayne Watson and his two cronies, Angela Henderson and Cheri Sidney finally dropped the pretense of being university administrators and threw in the towel? I have made this argument consistently and believe that all the evidence to support the cessation of university employment for these three is warranted. However, new evidence continues to reveal itself. At this point, I will depart from my usual practice of posting complete documents and just say that a recent report from an unimpeachable source provides additional justification for the termination of all three.

During his term at Chicago State, Wayne Watson has received numerous accolades for his greatness from organizations with which he had close relationships or personal ties with officials. The judgement by independent observers of his administrative performance has been slightly less fulsome. Here are a couple of tantalizing passages from the (right now) closely held document which, in the spirit of transparency, Watson has apparently not shared with the Board:

As you will undoubtedly note, I have redacted much of this information. However, I think the gist of the comments is apparent. It is past time for these tiresome people to leave this institution.

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  1. Can it be that Dr. Watson is merely treating the Board of Trustees the way he treats the Faculty?