Thursday, February 13, 2014

More on the Audits--but will CSU threaten NBC?

CSU's P.R. man Tom Wogan is posting on community pages in the region about the recent state audit findings at CSU (ending June 30, 2013) although NBC has posted a couple of things concerning lost equipment.

But check out the NBC site--are they in violation of "trademark agreements" or "brand" for using the CSU hedge picture in their negative reporting? Better watch out NBC, you might get a threatening letter from the university's law firm telling you to shut down operations.

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  1. Although I am not a member of the Progressive Labor Party and do not subscribe to their political agenda, I feel the author of “Chicago State’s Board of Trustees is RACIST” is right on target in his assessment of the situation at Chicago State.

    Dr. “Uncle Tom” Watson is a disgrace to the university and the African American community. I feel If Dr. “Uncle Tom” Watson’s dissertation was reviewed, his dissertation would disclose plagiarism or other improprieties. Dr. “Uncle Tom” Watson does not project the intellect needed to acquire a PhD, a politician yes. Chicago State does not need a politician but an individual who has the background, intellect and for sight to head a university.

    The BOT has shown it has no understanding of what is expected from a university’s administration and perhaps what is plagiarism. This BOT is a puppet for Dr. “Uncle Tom” Watson as it continues to show. They are in place only because Governor Quinn wants the African American vote not because of their qualifications, as the author said, “this is good enough for black people.” The BOT and Dr. “Uncle Tom” Watson has shown through their actions they are RACIST. If the Board refuses to take action perhaps, the Feds should investigate the actions of Dr. “Uncle Tom” Watson, these are taxpayer dollars that are being intentionally misappropriated.

    In addition, the findings of the recent audit should not require additional training, the individuals should be held accountable. The question is, whee does the buck stop? The answer is obvious, Dr. "Uncle Tom" Watson.