Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chicago State's $2.5 Million Man Makes the News Again: More Good Press for Chicago State and its "Educator of the Year" President Wayne Watson

Here's a link to a story on the Watson Clown Show's latest ethical, fiscal and public relations disaster: The somewhat embarrassing loss of the Crowley lawsuit. I particularly like the university's attorney claiming that Crowley's firing was proper because he engaged in "preferential treatment" for himself and a friend. Certainly none of that here at Chicago State! I guess Wayne Watson cannot order a university attorney to violate state and federal law without at least incurring some monetary consequences. Of course, it's only the Chicago Tribune. Time for one of Watson's friends to give him another award for being "the finest educator of our time," or some other such nonsense. Time again for the Watson administration to blame the faculty for the bad publicity. How much will this guy eventually cost this school and the taxpayers of the state of Illinois? Anyway, you can read about the $2.5 million man's folly here:,0,6922446.story

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