Thursday, February 27, 2014

And the others chime in

So loyal readers, it wasn't just the Chicago Tribune, but now three other news outlets that are reporting on our soon to be returned colleague, Jim Crowley. Links to the stories are here: Chicago Sun Times, Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed.
Reading these stories gave me pause as I began to consider several unanswered questions. For example, where would Mr. Crowley work? I find it highly unlikely he would work in the Legal Department as they have more than enough attorneys tending to the university's mounting legal needs. Might he find himself in Auxillary Operations? Well that would be unlikely as well since that does not exist and I don't know if Jim could co-exist, in an ethical context, working with an Associate Vice President who lied on her employment application with no consequence. Does that leave the academic department flush with attorneys known as the Criminal Justice, Political Science and Philosophy department as his new work place. Yes loyal readers, I would ask you refresh your memory about the illegitimate hiring orchestrated by the university's president in August of 2012. No, you say. Surely academic departments are held above petty administrative machinations? Sadly, not at Crony State University, where we hire our friends and re-hire those we fired unjustly. 
Sources close to Mr. Crowley indicate he is ready to return to the university and assume duties commensurate with his education and experience. And given that administrators have received pay increases in the past four years he is likely to earn more than the salary he was being paid when he was terminated. 
Welcome back Jim.


  1. I SO love reading your posts; your blog represent my thoughts exquisitely voiced in writing. Just as CPD & CFD have had dozens of FBI informants anonymously placed inside above orgs to infiltrate additional evidence of wrongdoing, my layperson's opinion is YES, that might happen with this den of iniquity. Since president's slimeball attorney mouthpieces willing to lie and cover up, they should have to go with Wayne----and don;t you think Governor Quinn might order him out again? But your other idea re James Crowley teaching in Political Science Department? Maybe best idea, but I still wouldn't pay 5 cents to this disgusting school.

    1. The top administrators are disgusting, not the University. The politicians created this mobster and let us not forget Leon Finney and his hand in all tjis