Friday, February 21, 2014

Money For Day Care or Money to Pay for the Damage Caused by the Unconsionable Behavior of Chicago State's Bully-In-Chief?

I am posting this at the request of one of Chicago State's Students:

NEIU, NU, NIU, UIC, and Governors State all provide Day Care for the children of their students. CSU does not, despite the fact 49% of CSU students are women with children. This failure by the corrupt Watson administration has undoubtedly contributed to the disastrous drop in enrollment that threatens the very future of Chicago State University.

The money to provide Day Care, despite the claims to the contrary by the administration, is certainly available. Consider:

1. The $2.5 million judgment against Wayne Watson and the CSU Board of Trustees could have been used to provide Day Care for 87 kids for seven years.

2. The money paid in salaries to the three liars, Sidney, Henderson, and Austin, is equal to the amount NEIU spends to provide Day Care for 87 kids.

3. Just the INCREASE in the budget for the department of enrollment management since 2010 is enough to provide Day Care for a stupefying 407 kids indefinitely.

Two student organizations, Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and Students for Justice (S4J), are organizing a student protest to demand the administration reallocate money in order to provide Day Care for the children of CSU students by no later than the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester. This protest is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 1230 pm in the quad between the student union and Cook Admin buildings.

We students ask not for faculty to fight our fight for us. We ask only for your support as we fight for what is right, for what we have paid for and need, for what everyone else already has, and for what will help sustain our school.


  1. The problem is not only unethical person in pres office, but all rotten unethical people he's planted in key places inside school. The handful of ethical faculty with a moral compass courageously sign their names in this blog; forever Heroes. Every protest helps, but we all need to request higher state authorities to do something about Misconduct not just by Watson, but the despicable liars who weave endless webs of fabrications to "cover" him. Let us all file citizen reports of Misconduct and Fraud to Executive Inspector General----they might overlook one such report, but if enough report Misconduct and unethical waste, Inspector General will have to do something. It isn't a little misunderstanding, it isn't a little clerical error; whether you call it organized crime or little Wayne's Mafia, there is one word to describe Wayne Watson & his partners in crime: Criminal.

  2. OEIG: Office of the Executive Inspector General
    Do file a complaint if you suspect that the university officials have violated the law or a university policy.
    Here are some things to keep in mind about filing:
    -File anonymously or give your name.
    -Giving your name means that you will be notified about OEIG's decision about whether your complaint warrants investigation. You cannot get any information beyond that but you do find out whether OEIG thinks your complaint at least has merit in their eyes.
    -File vial phone or online. Online, of course is written and you'll have a copy for your records.
    -OEIG seems to 'refer' complaints from university personnel about university administrators RIGHT BACK TO THE UNIVERSITY, so beware. Your complaints about Wayne Watson and his crew will more than likely be referred back to Wayne Watson and his crew to investigate.
    -Evidence: Governors State University faculty and staff members have filed many complaints with OEIG about the current Maimon administration. These complaints have been referred back to GSU for 'investigation'.

    "Voiced", the first commenter is probably correct in that many complaints will get OEIG's attention but don't expect much from OEIG. They seem to prefer going after politicians and content to leave university personnel at the mercy of university administrators.


      Here is the link to OEIG. You can read about filing a complaint with them.

  3. What now? Who pays the $2.5 million award? Is it Wayne Watson and the BOT or we as tax payers? It’s time for the Illinois State Legislature to put a stop to the waste of tax payers’ dollars. This award should be paid by Watson and the BOT for their crime against the people of Illinois. The state is in a financial crises and Watson and the BOT are accountable to the taxpayers of Illinois, they continue to misuse and waste monies which belong to the taxpayers, they should pay the award. Do Quinn and the Legislatures not have a conscious or some sense of responsibility? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. How much more do we need to lose before Watson is put to rest? The university, students, faculty and community deserve better.