Friday, March 22, 2013

Useful Summary of Wayne's Higher Ed History

This article from the Chicago Daily Observer summarizes much of what Wayne's critics have been saying for years.  It doesn't get everything correctly but provides a good summary in a brief article.  One of the incorrect or misleading assertions that this article makes has to do with the Faculty Senate no-confidence vote.  The author repeats Wayne's claim on his WTTW interview; only 28 faculty voted no confidence.  This assertion has no merit.  Each Senator represents her or his department.  This essentially means that 28 departments voted no confidence not 28 faculty members.  This is why WTTW should be ashamed of themselves for such a one-sided presentation of the facts.  Had the Faculty Senate been represented in their piece on Watson this lie could have been corrected on the spot.  Now as it is journalists and others repeat the lie.

The link to the Daily Observer piece is

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  1. See! That's why I started a Facebook site. WATSON MUST GO!