Thursday, March 7, 2013

Like they do for all politicians Dr Watson's media hounds are pulling out all the stops

Emil Jones "writing" for the Sun Times on Wednesday.
The Sun Times buying into the spin in another article on Thursday.
And tonight WTTW is giving Dr Watson airtime to give "his side of the story."

Write to Mary Fields, the Exec. Producer at ChicagoTonight Tell her she needs to show both sides to the story, not just "his" side.

Call the Board of Trustees 773-995-5105 and let them know your concerns about the university and this matter regarding the presidential office.

And don't you feel sorry for that student trustee who has to vote, but who also works in Angela Henderson's office? Hmmm does that count as "conflict of interest?" In these cases shouldn't members recuse themselves?

Show up for the Board meeting tomorrow.

There is public comment after every committee meeting beginning early in the morning. The Full Board will meet at 11 a.m. This week they need to hear what everyone is thinking.

If you never thought CSU was run by politicians I'd like to hear a defense of that position now.

What a way to run a university. What a circus.

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  1. Ok, so I just sent Ms. Field an email regarding tonights show. Hopefully she reads it and takes it into consideration.

    Dear Ms. Field,

    I am a full time student at Chicago State University and I am eagerly anticipating Mr. Watsons appearance on your show tonight. All I ask is that you please do not patronize this man and ask him cream puff questions that he will answer in ways that do not give anyone any concrete insight as to what exactly he is doing at CSU. Emil Jones wrote about his good old croney Watson in the Sun-Times yesterday and it's quite comical that everything he wrote about, all the problems that the school is currently experiencing, was turned around and blamed on everyone except the man who is in charge.

    Please show both sides of the story, and not just Mr. Watsons fantasy tale of what he wants the public to believe. The students and faculty are fed up with all the patronage and money being filtered into his buddys pockets under the pretense of them "working" for him. This is a school where 95% of it's student body are the first generation in their family to attend college and every penny of state taxpayers money should be utilized to educate them. My university needs to get back to teaching the community instead of being run like the Chicago Political Machine. Please shed some light on this situation for all the POLITICALLY UNCONNECTED people who suffer under Mr. Watsons misconduct at Chicago State University.

    Thank you,
    Student at Chicago State University