Monday, March 25, 2013

As we expected: the fix continues Quinn replaces Rozier & 2 other Trustees

We will never be free of the old pols --see Jodi Cohen's article below. Quinn is so concerned about keeping his political hacks happy that he stepped in to make sure they all stay in power. What a disgraceful state and city.  He kept his distance in 2009. If anyone has any thought that our processes at CSU are not flawed, this should change your mind.

Thank you Gary Rozier and company for trying to make real change happen. Apparently it will have to be a harder fought struggle, but these politicians are absolutely shameless and so hypocritical that they will do anything to keep power. Why am I not surprised?

Let's raise some hell about this, shall we?

Tribune for March 24th
Quinn replaces 3 board members


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