Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh my, Jesse is a-coming

Apparently, no political favor is being left untapped by the politicians who so clearly want to keep their hands on the presidency and board of trustees of our Chicago State. Since Emil couldn't get the job done last week, rumor has it that the Watsonians are bringing in (fanfare please): the Rev. Jesse Jackson.
Does the patronage campaign get any better than this?
Interested parties want me to remind you that for your comments to the Board of Trustees to be heard and possibly to have some kind of impact on the Board of Trustees you should come for the public comments BEFORE the 11 a.m. full board meeting, that is for public comment during the subcommittee meetings beginning at 7.30 or 8 a.m.
1) The comment period after the FULL board meeting will happen AFTER the board has voted on all matters for this meeting.
2) The comment period after the academic affairs sub-committee meeting will happen BEFORE the board meets as a whole.
3) The Chair of the Board will ask everyone to limit their comments to two minutes and that more people will be able to speak if we follow this rule. (short, sweet and direct is best)
REMEMBER TO WEAR SOMETHING RED--as in STOP the madness. Politicians get out of the Academy!

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