Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Glenn Meeks Just Fired

The Subsidiary of the Southside African American Political Machine, formerly known as Chicago State University, has lost one of its more courageous colleagues. Glenn Meeks, VP for Finance, was just fired this afternoon.

Apparently the Governor's announcement yesterday taking out three of the Board of Trustees' members who had been investigating Watson's hiring actions has emboldened Watson to fire the man who brought us up from the basement of the financial abyss over the past two years. Glenn Meeks, untenured and unafraid to speak up is the first in what no doubt will be a series of firings.

What a morally bankrupt and cynical little place we have here. If you support our role as subsidiaries to Emil's machine then keep your head in the sand. Faculty may be the only ones to call a halt to this aggressive, vindictive reassertion of "presidential power."  This is the place you want to work? Start speaking out if you do not.

The Senate Higher Ed Appropriations Committee and the Senate Executive Appointments Committee (Boards of Trustees) both meet tomorrow. Get on the phone and leave a message with ALL of these people telling them your opinion of the goings on at CSU, the need for new leadership, the need to keep Rozier and the other trustees, the patronage plundering that Emil Jones has practiced through his hand-picked President Watson. Tell them something.  It may not work, nothing may work, we may remain a patronage dumping ground forever, but we have to try to liberate CSU from the most egregious abuses of this most corrupt political machine.

The Senate Higher Education Approp committee decides what to recommend the Senate spend

on a university’s appropriation request. They also perform oversight in this function. This

committee next meets on March 27, 2013 at 11 a.m.

Senate Higher Education Appropriations

Dan Kotowski (847) 656-5416

Donne E. Trotter (773) 933-7715

Melinda Bush (847) 548-5631

Thomas Cullerton (630) 903-6662

Napoleon Harris, III (708) 232-8780

Michael E. Hastings (708) 283-4125

Mike Jacobs (309) 797-0001

Steven M. Landek (708) 430-2510

Andy Manar (618) 635-2583

Pat McGuire (815) 207-4445

Steve Stadelman (815) 987-7557

Heather A. Steans (773) 769-1717

Chapin Rose R (217) 607-1853

Pamela J. Althoff (815) 455-6330

Jason A. Barickman (309) 661-2788

Darin M. LaHood (309) 693-4921

Karen McConnaughay (847) 214-8245

Matt Murphy (847) 776-1490

The Senate Executive Appointments Committee vets gubernatorial appointments to boards and

commissions and then sends the recommendations to the Senate for a vote.

Executive Appointments

Antonio Muñoz (773) 869-9050

William Delgado (773) 292-0202

James F. Clayborne, Jr. (618) 875-1212

Mike Jacobs (309) 797-0001

David Koehler (309) 677-0120

Kimberly A. Lightford (217) 782-8505

Andy Manar (618) 635-2583

Ira I. Silverstein (773) 743-5015

Tim Bivins R (815) 284-0045

Kirk W. Dillard (630) 969-0990

David S. Luechtefeld (618) 243-9014

Wm. Sam McCann (217) 245-0050

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