Thursday, August 18, 2016

You Can't Make This Up!

So after working at CSU for 25 years, I have become pretty jaded about the pettiness, vindictiveness, incompetence and stupidity that nothing seems to surprise me about the behavior of public servants. To wit, this article in the Chicago Tribune that reports that a Cook County judge has been removed from the bench for allowing a friend to play judge in her courtroom by wearing the robe and hearing cases.
No loyal readers you can't make this up. I thought that dress up only occurred at CSU, hence the presence of the #CSUclowncar. Clearly, the provost has been playing at being a university administrator since she arrived at the university. No doctoral degree granting institution would hire a chief academic officer who didn't have a terminal degree, experience as a university faculty member, tenure, publications and grantsmanship. And you surely wouldn't appoint someone who plagiarized their doctoral dissertation. Only at CSU has that have been allowed. Yet now I see there are other areas of the public sector where people pretend to be something they aren't.
You just can't make this up.

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