Saturday, August 13, 2016

Our Lavish Spending on Watson-Era Administrators Again Gets Good Press. Why Doesn't the Tribune Mention They Have Known About This Crap For Years? How do We Know? Because We've Told Them and Asked Them to Take a Look at What Went on at the School.

Here's a recent editorial in the Tribune about the financial payouts to terminated administrators. Take the Tribune's outrage with a grain of salt, we've been telling them this stuff for years. Just like everyone else in this state, they didn't give a damn. Lots more damage to the school forthcoming from the Watson era. Right now, the Crowley judgement is around $5 million, plus the University's never-ending legal fees for private counsel to defend the indefensible. Thanks again to Wayne and all his cronies, many of whom are still around doing material damage.

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