Wednesday, August 17, 2016

#CSUclowncar Crashes Again

So the #clowncar crashes again, this time causing injury to about 100 of the university's faculty employees. How, you say, did they do that? Well this is how. Employees on nine month contracts have the option to collect their paychecks over 18 or 24 pay periods. The 24 pay period option, especially for tenured faculty, allows a level of certainty during the course of the calendar year for budgeting purposes. It also provides for health insurance costs to be covered year round through payroll deduction. Collecting smaller paychecks also lowers the tax burden as the gross earnings are about 30% lower with a 24 pay period option. Now the blundering provost, has decided to remove this option so that the university doesn't run out of money at the end of the academic year. Well spending 30% more during the academic year pretty much insures that will happen. When more money is spent earlier, it increases the likelihood of running out sooner. So the #clowncar makes a decision that costs the university more money and increases the likelihood of the outcome they say they are trying to avoid and no one steps in to say "No, we aren't doing that"?
This is just another example of the petty, vindictive, and spiteful decisions made by this plagiarizing provost. After being thoroughly exposed for her blatant academic dishonesty, she seems to have made it her mission to get revenge on those who had the audacity to bring to light her transgressions. Why the chief academic officer is involved in a payroll decision is beyond me considering the numerous problems in academic affairs that need to be addressed but can't be because of the profound incompetence of the office holder. 
The faculty battle with the #clowncar will continue unabated. I hope no more members of this failed administration get in the vehicle as it appears to be headed toward a cliff.

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  1. Beyond faculty is there no one who cares about Chicago State University, politicians, no; community, no; state legislators, no; community activists, no; clergy, no. All of this is stunning and sad. Board members have businesses/interests external to the Universitythat should be targeted financially.