Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Another Self Inflicted Wound (#CSUclowncar)

So in light of the most recent inane decision by the clown car, we have this gem published this morning by the Chicago Tribune. It is another in a long line of self inflicted wounds the administration is determined to administer. What are the risks of an employee working who is going to be laid off? Are they the same risks a retiree who is due to leave in a year or four would face? Quite frankly the argument given by Mitchell was ridiculous on its face and further diminishes the reputation of the institution. Enough!
If this were an MMA match, one of the opponents could tap out and end this. Unfortunately, we have no such option and are forced to endure a level of incompetence and malevolence that is really unprecedented in Illinois higher education. Given the extreme financial duress the university is under, this is what is done with taxpayer dollars? This is how time is spent? 
I believe that something is "rotten in Denmark" as far as the university's finances are concerned. It is now time to conduct a forensic audit before the place is completely looted and torched. I realize that would cost money and time but the clown car has demonstrated it has both to spare given its spending and decision making. Maybe a forensic audit (#CSUforensicaudit) would disrupt the secret meetings of administrators working diligently to undermine the President and mislead the Board of Trustees. And maybe it would uncover unseemly practices that could lead to a visit from blue wind breakered federal employees. Maybe that's what it will take to end this madness. Or maybe it's all over except the shouting and we will be closed by the end of the year anyway.

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