Thursday, May 5, 2016

When Is A Layoff Not A Layoff???

So those of you loyal readers who have been following the course of events at CSU will know that the university has managed to bungle the layoff notice process, the key collection process and the actual layoff process. It has been painful to watch the most vulnerable employees at the university be subjected to the most cruel and inhumane treatment by those in power. One employee, a secretary in one of the academic departments was laid off late on Friday, recalled on Monday and re-laid off on Wednesday. Which of the passengers in the administration's clown car managed to do that? 
I would imagine it was the HR Director because it would be in her office that seniority lists would be generated. Those lists would ostensibly inform those making such decisions of who could bump whom in the game of musical chairs being played by holdovers from an ethically bankrupt administration. Or maybe because the employee/former employee was in academic affairs it was the provost made used a dart board instead of a seniority list to select whose lives would be cruelly disrupted. Who knows? 
What is known is that transparency is not the order of the day when it comes to bungling the management of this financial exigency. The order of the day is to appear as inept, incompetent, and inhumane as possible while the country looks on to see how this university manages this crisis. A hearty pat on the back is due for thumbing your noses at the legislators who went to bat for the university. I am sure they feel inspired to go beyond the pale the next time the university is in need. Or not. 
Yesterday I congratulated the Board for their epic failure and now it's time to congratulate the failed holdovers from an utterly despicable administration for ruining more lives than I thought they were capable of.

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