Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Key Turn In Redux

So the embarrassment from the key fiasco continues. As I was walking out of one of the buildings yesterday, I saw a former employee leaving the building. He asked another administrator to take his keys and return them to his former supervisor as the supervisor wasn't in the office. That struck me as odd that there wasn't a process for key turn in given the previous attention paid to the issue of key turn in. How many of the 200 plus laid off employees turned in keys in accordance with the university policies for such things? Would an auditor be interested in whether the university was in compliance with its own policies? Will the university be subject to multiple audit findings around something that was known in advance? If so, this is clearly unacceptable. Yet the holdovers from the former regime continue to make the same mistakes they made before. Whether it is collecting keys from everyone in the middle of the semester or not collecting them from laid off employees, someone has to put a stop to this Board created madness soon or the university's death warrant will be signed sealed and executed.
In case you haven't been paying attention, the atmospheric conditions for the perfect storm are present.

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  1. Laid off office support staff departed late Friday afternoon with their keys. They could have returned Saturday and dumped students records in the trash without raising any suspicion.