Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Here's What our People Have to Go Through

Here's what our employees are experiencing as our HR Department under the leadership of "Doctor" Mitchell proceeds to screw over some of our most conscientious and valuable people. These are real people who deserve so much better. There are hardly adequate pejoratives to describe this administration. No one with a shred of human decency would subject people to this kind of treatment.


I received a letter on Friday, April 30 2016 that the University was rescinding my layoff notice and that I would return in my current position. A few hours ago I was summoned to HR to be notified that they made a mistake and as of now I am currently laid-off.

This is frustrating and very unprofessional.

Hi Bob,

Please note that I still do not know my layoff status. I phoned Ms. Shawnice Alivez this morning and she was told by Ms. Laurie Mays (HR) that I needed to speak to Ms. Kim Bandy in benefits (HR).

Ms. Kim Bandy stated that if I was laid off, my insurance would continue and I would have to pay CMS directly. However, I would be taken off payroll. Ms. Kim stated that she would look into my employee status and call me back. Please note that I didn't receive a call back from Ms. Kim.

I'm really frustrated with the Administrators at CSU! I just want to know my employee status in order to plan accordingly (unemployment...).

If you can help me with this matter, I would greatly appreciate it.

From Someone on the Academic Side:

Good morning everyone,
Thank you but the university made a mistake.
I was given a letter to return on Monday and then given another letter on Tuesday saying they made a mistake.
There will be someone working in my place who has more seniority.

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