Tuesday, February 3, 2015

What Administrative Title Do You Hold? Join the Excess Baggage Ranks Here at Chicago State

It is not all seriousness all the time here on the Crony State blog. Since so many of our incompetent and unqualified administrators so love to play at being part of the leadership “team” here at the site of the “CSU family,” here is a way we can all be administrators, at least in title. This handy-dandy little chart will tell you what your administrative title is at a particular time on any given day. That way, you can become a legend in your own mind, just like our President. Here is the chart (from Ellen Joyce's facebook page):

I will use my own information as an example. Reading from column 1 to column 6, I find that this morning, I am the Associate Vice-Chair in Effervescent Alumni Rationalization. Sounds good, doesn’t it? It certainly makes me as viable as almost all of the lemmings who constitute our current administrative ranks. One more example. Tomorrow afternoon, I will become the Assistant Arch-Rector of Effervescent Alumni Rationalization (you notice that my function doesn’t change, just my title). You too can take the plunge into administrative immortality. Use the chart, find your niche. Remember, here at Chicago State, if you’re in certain administrative positions (Damon Arnold and Tyra Austin spring to mind), you don’t even have to come to work!


  1. Assistant Vice Rector of Effervescent Administrative Innovation

  2. This is unfair to Dr. Arnold. He appeared at the December 2013 board meeting, exhorting us to unflinchingly pledge allegiance to our leader. (Grandmother's German cousins got the same lecture during the War.)

  3. Interim Assistant to the Bursar of Bold Diversity Achievement