Sunday, February 8, 2015

All in a Day's Work for a Watson Toady

Tom Wogan apparently took offense at the article in the Chronicle of Higher Education about Wayne Watson’s retirement. Here’s the offending portion of the article for those of you who haven’t seen it (Andy Thomason, February 6, 2015): “Among the controversies that played out under Mr. Watson’s leadership:

The university’s former legal counsel sued the institution in 2010, alleging he had been fired for reporting misconduct about top administrators. A judge last year awarded him $3-million.
Last year Chicago State’s interim provost was accused, then cleared, of plagiarizing her dissertation. Mr. Watson and the Chicago State faculty sparred constantly and intensely.

Poor Tom didn’t like the article. Here’s his response:

Amazing that plagiarism was a pertinent topic for the Sun-Times article, but not for the Chronicle’s piece.

Finally, here’s a reader comment on Tom’s little tantrum:

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  1. There was "a small but very vocal minority of faculty" who supported this administration. They seem to have disappeared.

    Mr. Wogan promised that we would win the lawsuit. Now he believes that we will win the appeal. I suggest he personally cover any losses incurred.

  2. I doubt he could run a "streets and san" ward in the city; which is likely where he came from....

  3. Mr. Wogan is paid by the state to work for the entire university and not to be Mr. Watson's personal apologist. Mr. Wogan embarrasses himself with this devisive letter, clearly creating an 'us and them' set up. Plus, so much state time wasted on ridiculous letters. Mr. Wogan might well consider some critical thinking and stop writing this drivel.