Friday, February 6, 2015

Reader Responses to the Watson Retirement Article

Here's a response to the Watson Retirement article from someone writing to the CSU Faculty Voice e-mail address:

The despicable article in the Sun-Times is just pathetic.

Maudlyne Ihejirika has lost any last shred of decency and any pretense of having the slightest bit of integrity.

From the start, the article is dead wrong. Northeastern IL Univ. has a student body that is more than 50%, possibly 55 or 60%, African American, Asian American or Latino.

But since that doesn't fit her story, she left that bit out because she let Tom Wogan write the story for her.

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  1. let him have his say. there's a song about it. 'blame it on me. say it's my fault. i really don't care. say anything that you want. as long as IT'S OVER!!!'