Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Assistance for the Banned

So loyal readers, many of you know of the plight of Willie Preston, a former CSU student who has filed suit against the university. Much of his situation has been reported here. Litigation in the US is a difficult, time consuming and expensive process. I wish that the court's time could be used for important matters and not frivolous suits. I believe that Willie Preston should have his day in court and should have legal representation commensurate to what Illinois taxpayers provide to this university. With that in mind, I provide the following. Please consider donating to Willie's Legal Defense Fund. Contributions are strictly anonymous.

Hello friends, Brittany and I have gotten off to a good start reaching a little over 10% of our goal, $1,165 in one month! Our goal for this month is to raise 20% $2,000. We are thankful for all that has been given to help us in our legal endeavor both on gofundme and donations that were given to us personally. We want to let you know our fight is not over. In fact, our first court hearing is approaching quickly, August 12, despite CSU asking for an extension that has been denied. Our attorneys have been aggressive and some incredible revelations have already been discovered that we wish we could share, but on advice from our attorneys we won't be going into details, at this time. This fight is crucial for the entire city, not just Brittany and I, because many other students, faculty, and administrators, past and present, are poised to stand up against Watson and Henderson—they just want someone else to go first because of the inevitable fight that will take place as a result. We understand donations are important financial decisions that people make, precisely the reason Brittany and I are asking that if possible you contribute $50 $25 or $10 to our fund and ask a friend to do the same, so our attorneys can continue to subpoena, file motions, retain their private investigators, etc. We believe this will ensure that Watson is unmasked, helping to erase whatever doubt that remains, that CSU has any option other than, retaining new leadership.

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  1. Thank you for this update on the dharma. You will prevail against human garbage. Keep fighting keep fighting We are coalition and won't ever stop fighting human filth.