Monday, March 27, 2017

We really are SOL aren't we? Board of Trustees fail CSU again. Well played Nikki Zollar.

In case you made the mistake of hoping for "change we can believe in" at a CSU Board of Trustees meeting, you were once again disappointed. When this meeting moved into its 6th hour I knew we were reliving Charlie Brown's hope that this would be the time Lucy would not yank the football. No such luck.

Bruce Rauner was roundly dissed--his boy, Paul Vallas, will not be our "turnaround" specialist.

No, the narrative that the Great White Hope has to rescue the benighted Black School will not be. We are going to be back to another year (or more) of interim this and that. As far as I can make out from the convoluted reports from the meeting and the newspapers and tv reports on April 7th yet ANOTHER interim president will be named--huh? who? who knows? There will also be a new job created-- that of Chief Administrative Officer (what will they do? will someone be named or will we go through a search? was Paul Vallas told he was "welcomed to apply?")

By all accounts it seems the old Board members played the new ones. The old guard remains in place, Angela et al, hence, Wayne, remain. Looks like action, but nothing changes.

Well played Nikki Zollar. You kept repeating the Watson lie that it is the faculty who are trying to destroy the university and apparently you were believed.

But if I were Governor Rauner, I'd be making plans to curtail your term on this Board of Trustees.

Here's what the Chicago Tribune reported:


  1. Where is the money coming from for the search, the new interim, the Chief Administrative Officer?

  2. Robert, I think the Governor and the State legislature should expand the Board by two until 2019 and appoint two more reformers. That will break the blocking power of Zollar, Hatch and Smith, since they refuse to resign.

    I'd write the legislature or executive order such that the extra board positions are temporary and expire in 2019, at the same time Zollar, Smith and Hatch are termed out.