Wednesday, March 29, 2017

We Don't Pay a $22,000 Bill for Turnitin. After 9 Months of Waiting for Their Money, the Vendor Pulls the Switch

What does our administration do well here at CSU?

Last night, a faculty member attempted to access Turnitin. He got this message: "The product for this account has expired. Please contact your sales agent to renew the product." Here's what the faculty member saw and the e-mail exchange that followed:

This vendor should have been paid about 9 months ago. How much money are we talking about? Apparently $22,000 a year. Think about that, the University administration just hired another Interim Associate Vice President at $140,000 annualized, but it doesn't pay a $22,000 bill for a service that benefits students and faculty. Once again, our failed administration demonstrates its utter lack of concern for the well-being of our students. Apparently, after 8 telephone calls and 28 e-mails to the University administration, the account will be reactivated by the end of today. Really, could you make this stuff up?

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  1. Not to MENTION faculty having to tell their panicked students who were wasting time trying to submit their assignments (at the last minute of course).