Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A New Day Indeed, But How Much Time Do We Have?

So as my distinguished colleague noted in the previous post, it does, in fact, appear to be a new day. The new trustees were remarkable in their first meeting. They grilled administrators and contractors and were not overawed by the standard, well worn, meaningless responses of our intrepid administrators. I would hope the impending forensic audit would demonstrate the seriousness in which the new trustees are approaching the job of holding the fiduciary responsibility of the university. Of course, there will be the tired refrain of not having any money to pay for the forensic audit. But I am sure with the number of senior administrators currently occupying space in the Cook Building, money could be found with some administrative right sizing. Maybe the BOT will revisit other issues like the Office of the Executive Inspector General finding against a previous president which the Board chose not to act upon. As the Board will be reviewing policies and practices at the university and seem willing to at least listen to the institutional memory (faculty & staff), this very well might be the time to make substantive suggestions on how to address the countless challenges facing the university. During the financial exigency the University Advisory Committee made 30 suggestions on revenue generation and cost savings, with not a single suggestion being acted upon by the Gang of Four. 
I am guardedly optimistic that the new Board of Trustees will actually act in the best interests of the institution and not function as enablers to a failed, petty, incompetent administration. 
And speaking of enablers, where has Trustee Zollar been? As one who voted to remove President Calhoun in September 2016, she has not attended a board meeting since. If the business of the university is so unimportant, why not tender your resignation and allow the Governor fill out the Board with members who are actually engaged and desirous of improving the situation at the university? 
You, loyal readers, already know how much work needs to be done and how little time there is to do it. Let's think of creative solutions that we can communicate to the board on how to keep the ship from going under.


  1. Your loyal readers agree the new trustees are remarkable. What a huge credit to the Governor's genius and perspicuity! We second the motion for trustee Zollar to step down; 6months absent from board meetings is unacceptable.

  2. I'd like to thank the New Board of Trustees for asking the hard questions. The forensic audit in five different departments has got to have people shaking in their boots. The results will be truly astonishing, and also terrifying.