Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Do You Want to Get Paid for Working? Don't Work at Chicago State

How incompetent is the Wayne Watson administration? Compounding their dishonesty with their breathtaking ineptitude, they represent the gold standard of crappy administrations. Thanks to arguably the worst Board of Trustees of any U.S. university, we continue to be plagued with arguably the worst administration of any U.S. university. Now, the problem is that we don't meet our payroll obligations. A number of persons have not been paid for summer school, not been paid their regular salaries for the July 15 payroll date, and have not been paid overrides due since the end of the spring semester in mid-May. Pay attention to whether or not you got paid today, don't take anything for granted. For those of you wishing to file a wage complaint with the Illinois Department of Labor, here's a link to their web site: Again, thank you to our board for saddling us with this troupe of fools. I wonder whether Watson, Henderson, or any of the other gaggle of cronies blighting this school got paid today. What do you think?

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