Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Shameless Cronyism at Chicago State University continues: "Abandon Hope all Ye Who Enter Here..."

Suggestion for new t-shirts to be worn at CSU:

2008: "CSU paid the Hollins Group $80,000 for a national Presidential Search and all we Got Was Wayne Watson"

2014: "CSU paid the Hollins Group $100,000 for a national Provost Search and all we Got Was Angela Henderson"

So, the giant on whose shoulders she stands officially raised her up to the office of provost of our university--see the letter below received yesterday.  I knew it was coming, but I thought it would be announced by the mealy-mouthed board of trustees at their December meeting. Whoever UIC hired as their "hearing officer"  (no name, no rank, no affiliation or academic connection listed in the Sun Times article last week) seems to have exonerated our new plagiarist provost in the god-knows-why-it-took-so-long plagiarism-dispute over Angela Henderson's doctoral dissertation. 

I keep thinking of Henry VIII's elevation of Anne Boleyn as his Queen of England after publicly humiliating and divorcing the popular Queen Katherine of Aragon, his wife of 20+ years. During her ride through London at her coronation, in spite of the expense and richness of her clothing and retinue, Anne was met in turns by stony silence from the population or mocking laughter along the way. 

The corrupt foundation on which the ediface of CSU has been built has reached a new low in propping up yet one more crony to a highly paid office and status. There were some comments by the hopeful earlier this month that perhaps Bruce Rauner might "reform" this stinking pit that Pat Quinn left to the wolves. Doubtful. More likely Rauner  will be pulled in by the patronage culture of ILL rather than break it. And who in the state legislature really cares about how badly run our little CSU is anyway?

For those of my colleagues who have kept silent all these months and years and have hoped that by keeping their heads low they will just wait out one more year of the Watson regime, try saying this: "President of Chicago State University Angela Henderson." You don't think provost is her last stop do you?

November 24, 2014
Dear Campus Community,

I am very pleased to announce that after an extensive search which considered multiple qualified candidates, Dr. Angela Henderson has been appointed to the position of Provost and Senior Vice President for Chicago State University.

Dr. Henderson brings to the position 25 years of experience in higher education both as an educator and an administrator. She is an accomplished academic who has served in multiple positions including tenured professor, department chair, dean, vice chancellor and provost at one of the largest community college systems in the country. Dr. Henderson holds numerous degrees including:
  • Ph.D. in Nursing from the University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Master of Science in Nursing from University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Master of Business Administration from the University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Loyola University
Since joining the CSU family in 2011, she has devoted herself to our mission of providing a transformative academic experience to our students as both Vice President of Enrollment Management and Interim Provost. She played an integral role in helping CSU achieve a 10-year reaccreditation from the Higher Learning Commission and continues to devote herself daily to making CSU the best public university in Illinois.

Throughout her career, Dr. Henderson has demonstrated that she has a vision for academic excellence including an emphasis on increasing diversity, embracing innovation and technology, expanding CSU’s footprint both nationally and internationally, and placing a strong focus on individual student success. 

In her time at CSU, Dr. Henderson has proven herself to be a tireless advocate and valuable asset for the university.  As Provost and Senior Vice President, she will have the opportunity to lead our university in a positive direction. I strongly feel that in Dr. Angela Henderson, we have found the right person at the right time.

I hope you will join me in congratulating Dr. Henderson on her new position, and I ask that each member of the CSU family look for ways to work with her and her office to help achieve our shared goals of strengthening CSU.

Wayne D. Watson, President


  1. "I am very pleased to announce that after an extensive search which considered multiple qualified candidates," I decided to hire the most unqualified candidate.

    1. That sentiment seems to reflex exactly how many Americans feels about the current President of our country!

  2. Say losers, you lost this one. If CSU is so bad, what does it say about those of you complainers that teach there ? Can't find any other college that would employ you ?

    1. Another troll that failed Toilet Training 090.

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