Thursday, November 6, 2014

Nice to Know that our Faculty Colleagues from EIU, UIC, and UIUC have our backs--Thanks for Standing up for the CSU Senate

See a post about our Faculty Senate travails in this week's Daily Easterner from Eastern Illinois University.  EIU, UIC, and UIUC Faculty Senates have written to the soon to be ex-Governor Quinn supporting the CSU Faculty Senate. Since no single Faculty Senate can take on the corrupt Board of Trustee patronage system here in the state of ILL perhaps this signals the beginning of faculty from across state institutions coming together to demand that administrations and boards be responsive to the faculty and students, not the other way around. CSU as local patronage pit has its own special brand of patronage that has been so exacerbated since Leon Finney and Emil Jones's delivery of Wayne Watson to our campus in 2008. Now with Board Chair Anthony Young acting as gofer for President Watson there is no independent oversight of CSU. We are not alone across the state in our complaints about the patronage and pillage culture here. 

So thank you colleagues from EIU, UIC, and UIUC for supporting the CSU Faculty Senate. "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship..." 

Senate seeks CSU board to be dissolved

Jarad Jarmon, Associate News Editor
November 4, 2014
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The Faculty Senate approved their letter to Governor Pat Quinn supporting the recently dissolved Chicago State University Faculty Senate at their meeting Tuesday.

In the letter, the senate states they do not agree with the Chicago State University Board of Trustees in their decision to dissolve their faculty senate.

The senate agreed their actions were unwarranted; they called upon Quinn to dissolve the board.

The need to support Chicago State’s faculty senate came up after it was dissolved after disagreements between their vice president of academic affairs over her credentials.

Along with Eastern, the University of Illinois in Chicago as well as Urbana-Champaign has sent letters in support of dissolving the school’s board for the way in which their actions had been taken.

No information has been released as to when the letter will be sent out.

The senate also appointed Steven Scher, a psychology professor, as the faculty senate representative on the Enrollment Management Advisory Committee.

The committee works to advise the administration on directions to take or ideas to pursue to boost enrollment.

They also approved a slate of candidates for several councils and committees within the senate.

While faculty took interest in most of the positions available, some spots were still open on the Council on Teacher Education and the University Personnel Committee.

Grant Sterling, a philosophy professor, said he was disappointed by the open positions.

The senate will meet again at 2 p.m. Nov. 18 in Room 4440 in Booth Library.

Bobby Galuski contributed to the reporting for this article.

Bob Galuski contributed  to this article.

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