Thursday, November 27, 2014

Just One More of a Thousand Cuts

A decision from UIC and the "hearing officer" that inexplicably goes against the established standards for academic integrity at the UIC College of Nursing--I guess s/he (whoever it was) found more compelling arguments in favor of putting the stamp of approval on the dissertation. The pusillanimous and inept handling of this matter by UIC demonstrates academics at their worst. In my estimation, the facts of the case remain the same. Most important, the UIC capitulation puts Chicago State at increased risk for ultimate failure. After all, one of the things Watson could have discussed in his cynical memorandum is the precipitous drop in enrollment under the watchful eye of our new provost (from 6882 to 5211 in three years, a decline of 24.3 percent). Of course, the real victims here are the students and staff at Chicago State who continue to suffer under this regime. As this administration continues, there seems to be no reason to expect anything other than the school's decline to continue apace. We will continue to shine the light on this administration and its myriad failures--lots more to come. Finally, a happy Thanksgiving to all.

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  1. Given the potential ramifications, it is incredible that such a review should have been conducted by a single person.