Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Plagiarized Dissertation, Part 2.

In the second part of our serial on the Chief Plagiarizing Officer's dissertation, I present another variety of cheating. This time, Henderson steals from the literature review of two authors: P. Bennett and G. Bozionelos. Passing their words off as her own, Henderson exhibits one of the most common traits of the garden-variety plagiarist: laziness. As with most of the passages she plagiarizes, the material from the Bennett and Bozionelos article appears on the first two pages. No sense in going too deep into the article when the material you want to take comes early in the piece. The material below comes from Henderson's dissertation, page 13:

Compare the dissertation material with the following passage from P. Bennett and G. Bozionelos, "The theory of planned behaviour as predictor of condom use: a narrative review," Psychology, Health and Medicine 5-3 (2000): 307-26. Plagiarized material from p. 307.

On page 14 of Henderson's dissertation, she presents a bigger segment of the work of Bennett and Bozionelos as her own:

Compare Henderson's text with the following passage from p. 308 of the Bennett and Bozionelos article:

I included none of this material in the plagiarism report I sent to UIC. By my tally, we are now up to six passages plagiarized from five sources on less than one page of actual text. Combined with the plagiarized material from pages 25-44, the count of plagiarized passages form Henderson's dissertation has reached 41 in only 44 pages of text (1-44).


  1. I think cheating on dissertations is pretty close to drunk driving. Stupid and dangerous at the same time. No matter what "super clever" strategy a person chooses, there's no way how it can make his/her dissertation any better. At the same time, sometiems even stuents who had no intents to plagiarize can be under risks of being accused of plagiarism. Thus, omitting references where necessary or even submitting parts of your own dissertation to the web can mean trouble.

  2. Wow and to think I was already nauseated at reading the first page of her plagiarized material. Now I really am starting to throw up in my mouth a little. Can a criminal prosecution occur for fraud in this case? No wonder CPS are failing left and right if the teachers come out of this "university"!