Friday, January 31, 2014

New Bits and Pieces

So as my distinguished colleague continues to serialize the plagiarism of Crony State’s very own Interim Provost, I sense I have neglected you loyal readers about the other goings on at Crony State. What follows are bits and pieces of the university’s ever exciting activities.
First, the Internal Auditor is rumored to have moved on to pursue other career opportunities. The timing of his exit is interesting as it comes after the revelations that Cheri Sidney and Tyra Austin falsified their job applications and mysteriously continue to remain employed at Crony State. And all of this occurs in the midst of continuing declines in enrollment. I guess the tagline (Where We Hire Our Friends) of the university is as true as ever.
Second, your humble narrator has been told, but has not yet confirmed by scientific evidence, that the university dormitory is in need of mold re-mediation. Could the presence of mold been responsible for departure of  the last two directors of housing? Is the owner of that building not in a position to ensure that students aren’t exposed to mold, if it is in fact present? Recently a middle school in the suburbs closed while environmental safety contractors made repairs to the building. I would hope the building’s owners would inspect the facility and take appropriate action, even if that action is to assure the community that there is no mold in the dormitory.
Third, one of the university’s hired law firms goes to court on Monday to defend the university in a wrongful termination suit filed by a former employee. Once that trial is complete, I will report more on the circumstances and outcomes. As a layman, I would have thought the university would have settled to avoid a costly trial but that’s only because I don’t really understand the law.
Fourth, how is the work in Douglas Hall progressing? I understand asbestos abatement can be a time consuming process and dangerous if not done exactly as required by law and federal and state regulations. I would hope that after the interior work is complete that maybe the doors to the building that have not had glass in them for the last several years might actually be repaired and not appear as an advertisement for a board up company.
And finally, I received notification that reports to the Board of Trustees for their March meeting are due on February 7th. I have no idea what to report as the city’s newspaper of record seems to have reported on issues important to the faculty, namely infringement on First Amendment rights and academic dishonesty. If, loyal readers, you have any other ideas on what the Faculty Senate could report on, please don’t hesitate posting it here.

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  1. I'm concerned about our dwindling enrollment especially the retention rate which according to Wayne and Angela is the problem not new admissions. I bet if you ask the students who are leaving CSU in droves, they would point to the unnecessary barriers placed in their paths to graduation by administrative mismanagement at the highest levels. Another issue being raised by students regarding retention concerns campus daycare. If we could provide 1/2 of our student body (women with minor children) with a place to bring their children, we would alleviate a number of problems and retain many more. Instead Wayne and FOWs spread the money around to each other. Ask the BOT about if they know how much it would cost to have a daycare center. I bet it is less than the salaries of the fraudulent hires and the crony raises.