Saturday, January 18, 2014

Roll Call

So I was struck by the claim that Angela Henderson and Cheri Sidney need protection from attack, that they are the victims of academic misconduct and lying on an employment application. The insulting nature of this should be clear especially given that more accomplished African-American women were subject to attack by this regime since 2009 and received no protection. A roll call might be useful to jog the memory of those unsure of what I am talking about. How might the university have been different if the following former colleagues were protected:
  • Dr. Cheryl Green
  • Dr. Sylvia Gist
  • Ms. Lois Davis
  • Ms. Carnice Hill
  • Ms. Mary Butler
  • Dr. Rachel Lindsey
  • Dr. Sandra Westbrooks
  • Ms. Addie Epps
  • Dr. Teresa McKinney
  • Ms. Brenda Hooker
  • Dr. Dolores Lipscomb
  • Dr. Patricia George
  • Dr. Cecilia Bowie
  • Dr. Juanita Sharpe
  • Dr. Debrah Jefferson

To the regime, you have been warned!

1 comment:

  1. Here is a proposal, Phillip: What about inviting all of these women who gave so much to CSU to campus to give a forum on the meaning of a university or some other such topic. I am not sure how many could be persuaded to come, but even if only four or five would come, a well-advertised forum could have a powerful impact.