Friday, May 29, 2009

Who is Bill Sweetland and look what he is saying about Wayne Watson?

See Bill Sweetland's article on the "stunningly average" Wayne Watson in the Huffington Post. A biting counterpoint to Watson's ex-girlfriend's puff piece in the same journal a month ago.

Some highlights:

May 29, 2009
Bill Sweetland
Education in Chicago: Wayne D. Watson is the Wrong Man at the Wrong Time for Chicago State University.

"...What cannot be denied is that Mr. Watson is a skilled self-promoter and a man experienced at political maneuvering. If you don't believe me, just go to his Web site at for a quick lesson..."

"And how do you plan to fight your own Board of Trustees' determination to water down the milk of college instruction even further? These misguided guardians of mediocrity want to admit high school graduates who score as low as 15 on the ACT.
This is folly. The Trustees are bent on swamping student body and faculty with a flood of half-literates who will make themselves, their literate school mates and the faculty miserable while wasting huge sums of the nation's money and patience..."


  1. Thanks for posting this and the link. The article raises interesting questions about which we disagree. It seems to me the most important point is to provide the best possible education and learning environment for students, not what their ACTs are when they arrive. I have certainly had bad students, but I think the worst ones are students, who for whatever reason, do not do the work. I think if students work, they will learn, and we can bring them something they need, (almost) regardless of their prior training.

    What is wrong with Watson and with the BOT is the racist contempt for students (and derivatively) faculty. If they focused on improving the learning environment and showing respect for students (how about taking down those "Code of Excellence" plaques that stereotype our students as thugs? what racist garbage!), improving financial aid, bookstore, and administrative services, we could do the best we can in the classroom without all this other stuff that discourages the students.

    Hence I would argue that the main issue is to combat the racist top-down culture of the campus not to suggest that problem with the university is that our students are not qualified.

  2. Wow! How does feel to be "sold out" by Governor Patrick Quinn? He had a chance to intervene and stop the presidential search process by the Board of Trustees at Chicago State University but decided instead to deal behind close doors with the devil like the former Governor of Illinois, Blagojevich, himself. News flash Quinn, because a minister is president of the clergyman board in the City of Chicago doesn't mean votes will automatically go to you for the February election. The students of Chicago State University represents more votes than the churches because the churches within the community attend Chicago State. That means, dear Quinn, come February light will soon shine its head from darkness. The students represent the churches within this community and by you, Quinn, "bitching out" to gain votes promised to you by Rev. Finney will soon come to light. Just like the truth about Sen. Roland Burris being recorded your conversations were too. The funny thing is I can't wait to everyones faces when that recording of you and Finney be heard over the airwaves.

    Quinn speaks about being ethical. When is one betrayal less than the other? Just like no sin is less than's all a sin! So, this summer the government will be in session and Chicago State will once again approach your "Bitchassness" Governor Quinn about removal of the Board of Trustees due to several repeated and document mismanagement of funds and interference of daily operation by the president of the Board, Rev. Finney. All of this will soon come to light and when that light shine on your forehead I just hope you're not trying to cover it up with a coat.