Saturday, May 16, 2009

A mystery solved???

So I am surprised that I am still naive sometimes when it comes to the functioning of the academy. I always thought that the Provost would be the signing and deciding authority when the President is away. At most universities that I am familiar with the Provost is always the next in line of succession. Given the public release of the contract of the board’s applicant it appears that we have a mystery because the dates don’t add up. The great mystery of the day might now be solved. [Drum roll please] Our next interim president will be the Board liaison, Erma Williams. I asked the current Provost directly if she had been contacted verbally or in writing about assuming the responsibilities of interim President as she did last year before Dr. Pogue’s arrival. She replied that she had received no notification about the interim president.

No, Erma has never been a Provost or Vice President or Fiscal Officer but those qualifications are obviously irrelevant to this board. We can never rule out loyalty to those determined to undermine the university as the key component of her ascension to the interim presidency. It is likely that all those employees that the board chairman doesn’t want around will receive their invitation to employment elsewhere sometime during July. I would imagine that would start with the Public Affairs area since there is no one over there who can write and issue a press release, thus the need to hire a PR firm probably on the State’s dime. Next would likely be the Provost, because we know that Dr. Westbrooks’ disloyalty in reading the resignation statement of the presidential search advisory committee sealed her fate as far the board chairman is concerned. Next is probably the entire Chemistry Department since having a PhD doesn’t mean they can teach. [Not my words] Finally, the Committee for Public Safety will be formally abolished. Those who have dared to resist the calculated destruction of the university will be first to be led away. Until that is they realize tenure does afford some protections and my due process rights being violated just increases the payout the university will make to me for retaliatory discharge. I am sure my colleagues on the Committee for Public Safety will receive similar damage awards. I am, of course, willing to be wrong about this and time will tell.

The plots thicken.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Whoa! How about that? Are you telling me that the Board of Trustees retaliate against someone who feels they made the wrong decision in the presidential search process? Wait, aren't we living in the United States of America where freedom of speech, expression is apart of the Bill of Rights. As long as the person isn't trying to insight a riot or cause bodily harm in a crowd theatre by shouting, "Fire, Fire!" Isn't this the United States of America where our freedom of speech is protected?

    WAIT, we're at Chicago State University none of that stuff matters. Somehow, this university operates by their on bylaws separate from the rest of the state institutions. So, maybe you're right...the mystery has been solved!