Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cronyism Cavalcade

So let the cavalcade of cronies begin. Let’s start a pool on how many cronies the next guy is going to bring in. And like him, how many won’t have any experience at a doctoral degree granting institution? Since this hiring was all about cronyism and who you know and clearly not about the best interests of the university, we can surmise that those that will slop away at the public trough will have no interest other than mouthing the words and catch phrases of student centered, change management, business process engineering. They will feign interest in shared governance and will use the university as it has been used for decades, as a dumping ground for the politically connected irrespective of competence. Are we going to keep our eyes open and continue to expose the sham that is the Board of Trustees?

Don’t forget the Faculty Meeting on Tuesday at 1230 in the Library Auditorium and the board meeting on Wednesday at 730 AM at the same location. We need a strong faculty show of support.

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