Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And this just in...

So let me share the updates with you. The Deputy General Counsel for Governor Quinn called me yesterday. He informed me the Governor was very interested in filling the empty seats on the BOT though not certain when that would happen and he reminded me that several boards and commissions in the state had empty seats, essentially telling me to wait in line. I also got a call from the Better Government Association which is very interested in what has been going on at our fair university. I spoke with the Public Information Officer at the US Attorney’s office today. I was following up on the rumor that this presidential selection process was part of a quid pro quo brokered by the former State Senate President. The PIO declined to comment on the question of whether the US Attorney had the retired politician on a Blago wiretap as this is an ongoing investigation. I’m not making this up. The students are still energized and plan on attending the next BOT meeting, on Wednesday May 13th at 7:30 AM. The Faculty Senate formed a Summer Committee of senators that will keep an eye on the goings on this summer and let the faculty know immediately if something goes amiss. Faculty are choosing to be proactive and that is what shared governance is all about. Those in this city who wish to keep their secrets hidden from public scrutiny will not be happy for us to keep this selection process and the absence of shared governance brightly illuminated. That is exactly what is going to happen. In a future post I will play “I Predict” with what we can expect with the next person to occupy the third floor. Please plan on attending the BOT meeting next Wednesday. Continue to contact Governor Quinn’s office and ask him to fill the seats that need filling on the Board of Trustees.


  1. I think the blog is a perfect place to discuss Steve's proposal for a teach-in on the nature and future of the university, which I propose should occur early in the fall. I think the Faculty Senate should sponsor it. I think teachers should be encouraged to bring their classes (easier for them to do at the beginning of the term). It has the potential to draw over 1,000 people as the teach-in on Hernnstein and Murray's The Bell Curve did in 1995. I believe it can last all day, involve a number of panels engaging various issues and questions about the university and involve many faculty and students on the panels. We need to reserve the largest venue on campus (Breakey Theater) now. Steve, would you like to be part of this summer committee and help me push for the teach-in?

  2. Yes, I would definitely like to be part of a summer committee to help push for and organize a teach-in for the fall. Starting the fall semester with a teach-in on the nature and future of the university would be a great idea for a number of reasons. For starters, it would give us enough time to organize it as substantial event with wide participation. Just as importantly, it would give us a strong start to the academic year and make sure that we continue to build on our efforts from this spring. Would anyone else reading the blog like to join us?