Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A Friendly Reminder that May is Almost Gone

We are now past spring graduation. We are also now past Memorial Day. Too many of Watson's holdovers remain at this school; Watson himself was again sighted a few days ago. Why are these people still blighting the campus? There is no support for anyone tainted by complicity in the Watson-era shenanigans; the faculty and staff have clearly signaled their desire for new senior leadership. Every day these people are allowed to remain in place, making decisions and influencing events, is a day wasted. Frankly, we are running out of days to squander. Last week's personnel changes were a nice start. We all know who else needs to go, let's just get it done.


  1. I use our blog-site as my source of news about our school. Please help those of us who are no longer around: what changes occurred?

    1. Neither Patrick Cage nor the Police Chief, Patricia Walsh, are here anymore.

  2. Thanks. Hopefully, more to come. I am out of touch, but part of the problem may be that potential administrators (think a certain former president of the faculty senate) fled the scene during the Watson travesty. So perhaps there may be difficulties of finding, at least internally, people who are capable and willing. However, I may be wrong about this.