Saturday, July 30, 2016

Why Are They Fleeing?

So I just read this article in Crain's and it occurred to me, why would a university with a majority female population want to lose female faculty in the sciences and then it struck me, because this Watson picked residual administration has no idea what it's doing or if it does should be sent away immediately for its incompetence. How much is a replacement physicist going to cost or is STEM not important anymore? The negative press here is completely self inflicted by this inept administration. When is this Henderson led farce going to be over?


  1. Others at CSU will remember an African American biologist who left a few years after Wayne Watson took the presidency. After serving as chair for a year or so this African American woman, Ph.D. in Biology, had enough of Wayne's leadership and management "style." Of course Watson and his administration could not give a damn that such a role model for our predominantly African American and female students turned her sights elsewhere.