Friday, July 29, 2016

Program Needs? Who Gives a Damn, Dump the Faculty, Screw the Students

Over the past two weeks, six of the nine non-recalled faculty made a case for their recall to the Provost and Contract Administrator. Everyone had a compelling rationale for their recall, including faculty members who pointed out that their programs would be eviscerated by the staff reductions, and other faculty who had skills enabling them to teach in other disciplines. The answer from the administration? A resounding fuck you to both the faculty and the students who will be damaged by these layoffs.

Last evening, the Provost’s Office sent notifications to five of the six faculty members (the letter to the sixth was inexplicably not attached to the e-mail). Three were identical in their denial of the requests for recall, while two others offered the “possibility” of “a bargaining unit as a full-time lecturer.” By the letter’s conclusion, this “possibility” had deteriorated into a “full- or part-time lecturer opportunity.” What a great opportunity! Thank you so much, you magnanimous administrators!

Here are the letters:

Can you say union-busting? Can you say attack on tenure?

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  1. The ruthlessness of CSU’s actions toward fired faculty members calls to mind scenes of the screenplay from the great 1951 version of A Christmas Carol. What role does Dr. Calhoun play in this final farce the Watson administration is producing?

    [Scene: The meeting of Scrooge and Marley]

    Marley: The world is on the verge of new and great changes, Mr. Scrooge. Some of them, of necessity,
    will be violent. Do you agree?

    Scrooge: No, l think the world is becoming a very hard and cruel place, Mr. Marley. One must steel oneself to survive it. Not be crushed under with the weak and the infirm.

    Marley: l think we have many things in common, Mr. Scrooge. l hope so, Mr. Marley.

    [Scene: Scrooge and Marley walking through the company yard they bought out from Scrooge’s old boss, the good Mr. Fezziwig.]

    Workman: Oh, excuse me, Mr. Scrooge, Sir.

    Scrooge: - Yes?

    Workman: Pardon the liberty, but do you know if l'm to be kept on here, Sir?

    Scrooge: What's your present salary?

    Workman: Five shillings a week, Sir.

    Scrooge: You can stay for four shillings a week.

    Workman: Well yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.