Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tenured Faculty fired--administrators' jobs are still safe...

News tonight is that nine tenured faculty members from departments in Music, History, Political Science, Philosophy and elsewhere were fired due to low enrollment in those programs.

Have no fear, however, no one in the upper-level administrative offices has been cut (yeah, yeah, Cheri Sydney got tossed out in April, but she left with a nice severance package, boo-hoo). The logic is that we can't keep large departments because of low enrollment, but we can keep the same number of administrators secure in their offices in the Cook Building. We can't even expect that they will take pay cuts or furloughs, no sacrifice for those ciphers. 

So thank you again Anthony Young and the Wayne Watson supporters on his yes-boss-Board of Trustees. Great job. You failed to hold Watson and his protege Angela Henderson accountable all those years for the catastrophe of enrollment management (Henderson's gig at CSU when Wayne brought her in) and now after cutting the low-hanging fruit among the staff and administration, faculty have to pay the price. Shame on all of you.

After hearing of the faculty who were cut today, I can only hang my head in sadness for the loss of these colleagues who shared the struggle to make CSU a university of academic integrity and scholarly rigor. I will never forget them and I will always wish they had had the chance to pursue their careers at a university that was run like a university, not a politician's ward founded and maintained through political patronage. I'm sorry for them and the students who will never know them.


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