Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wayne Remains--what is the Board of Trustees thinking?

With the insipid address to the "CSU Family," we are informed today by the man himself that he is granted the title of "President Emeritus" by his lackeys on the Board of Trustees and will remain at CSU through spring 2016.

One phrase comes to mind: WTF?

Aside from possibly acting as a buffer to protect the likes of his favorite administrative cronies for another six months, what is this about?  If anyone can tell me how this is good for a university that needs to rebuild and to heal from the malignancy of this presidency, please enlighten me.

The incoming president should be furious. Why was he hired to begin in January?

This convinces me more than ever that CSU is in existence for the students second. Its first role is to benefit the politicians and their friends. We have a long-time reputation as a dumping ground for the politically connected in the state of ILL. Well, this is the biggest dump the pols have ever given us.

Below is the drivel the "CSU Family" received earlier today:

Dear CSU Family,

It has been an honor and a pleasure to serve as the 21st president of Chicago State University.  As I look back over the last six years, I am proud of what we have been able to achieve together.   The experiences I have had during my tenure at CSU have strengthened my belief that education is the solution to many of the world’s challenges.  I am so grateful to all of the students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends who have shared my vision of a new and improved CSU, where students are educated, engaged, embraced, enlightened and empowered.

Dr. Thomas Calhoun will assume duties as the 22nd president of Chicago State University on January 4, 2016.  Please join me in extending a warm welcome to our new president and offering him our steadfast support.

At the request of the CSU Board of Trustees, I will continue my commitment to the university through the end of my contract, which ends June 30, 2016.  During this period, I will take on a new role as President Emeritus and relocate to my new office in the CSU library.  In my capacity as President Emeritus, I will serve as a resource to the incoming president, assist with fundraising activities, and engage in research.

I am excited to embark on this new phase of my personal and professional journey, a journey that began almost 50 years ago. I believe in CSU’s mission and I look forward to assisting in the university’s efforts to honor its commitment to teaching, research, service and community development.  I look forward to working with President Calhoun during the transition, having time to focus on my research interests, and spending more time with my family.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to you, the students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of Chicago State University, for your support during my presidency.

Travel safe during this holiday season, and above all, take time to enjoy your family.

With warmest regards,

Wayne D. Watson, Ph.D.
Chicago State University

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  1. This is appalling! Hopefully, Dr. Calhoun is canny enough to know not to share so much as a good morning with the "president emeritus" much less any conversation regarding university governance.