Thursday, November 12, 2015

Image Priorities

So most of you loyal readers realize how damaged the reputation of the institution is as a result of the current group "administering" the university. It doesn't help when the lead story about CSU today is about an accused ghost pay-roller. The real story that is missed today by a regime obviously focused on other issues is the presence of 30 Cuban students at the university being covered by the CBS program 60 Minutes. You may have heard of this show. It's correspondents recently interviewed President Obama.
Much to my dismay, there were no university officials in the music room where these students were performing. There were no high ranking (more highly paid) officials to make comment to the 60 Minutes correspondent. There was no university photographer shooting photos for the press release to print media outlets. There was no coverage on the CSU website.
The ineptitude of this administration will continue until its last day apparently. A great publicity opportunity squandered. 

Thanks to my long serving colleague Mark Smith for his work in welcoming these Cuban students to their first cold weather. 

49 days

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  1. Where does the buck (ghost hiring) stop at CSU? The president? For someone who exemplifies micro management and control not to be aware of the ghost hiring is hard to believe. Where there is smoke, there is fire. I would hope the State Attorney of Cook County takes the lead and look further into miss management of funds at CSU. I think Meeks’ law suit has gained credibility given these latest findings at CSU.