Friday, October 30, 2015

I'm Just Curious About.....

So I’m curious when did the Chief of Police turn into the chief hall monitor? To wit, at the recent Town Hall meeting on Tuesday, the Chief directed workers in her supervisory chain to leave the town hall meeting before it was over or possibly before they began to ask unpleasant questions of the administration. The high school like environment created by the failed regime is clearly exemplified by this act. The paternalistic approach in the treatment of adults is to be expected.  However, it seems a bit inconsistent for the administration to invite staff to an ostensibly important town hall meeting only to abruptly uninvite them.In the more than two decades of being here, I have never seen such a capricious use of managerial authority and such a failure in personal leadership as exhibited by the new chief of police. Having no experience in a university environment, the chief has demonstrated a total lack of situational and environmental awareness.
It is also troubling that someone with only a background in law enforcement has responsibility for an enterprise as complex and important as the physical facilities of a university. Typically that role is held by an engineer, architect or planner. They have the knowledge and experience to manage complex facilities issues. It would be like putting me in charge of the police department. I have never been a certified officer so it would be inappropriate to hold such a position. Why does this administration believe that someone with no experience in an area should be put in charge o that area. It is all very curious indeed.
I am also curious about yet another interim vice president being appointed in the quickening twilight of this regime. Did the administration bring him in to cover up financial shenanigans prior to Dr. Calhoun arriving on campus? Or should we refer to the new interim as “The Miner” Is he here digging up things previously buried so that the new president has a clear accounting of both dollars and processes? Is The Miner here asking hard questions of other senior administrators?
I would hope that Dr. Calhoun is extended the courtesy of a full accounting of the past six years especially in the areas identified in audit reports and is given the opportunity to both change the culture and fix the problems of a dysfunctional culture at the same time.
Finally, I am curious why the president and the provost continue their ridiculous “listening tour.” The only thing I would need to hear from either of them is within how many days of January 1st, 2016 are they going to be permanently gone from this campus. There is nothing else I need to hear or say. So here’s an idea; stop the charade! No one here wants to hear anything else you have to say. You have failed, utterly and now it is time for you to leave and let the process of progress and advancement begin.
As of this writing it is only 62 days until January 1st, 2016. Only 62 days until the university can begin its long night’s journey into day.

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