Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Watson Regime Encapsulated: What One Former Administrator Says

We now wait hopefully for the Board to announce the identify of Chicago State's new president. Since Wayne Watson's announced retirement, some persons have articulated the idea that we should look "forward" not "backward," and because Watson is leaving, that some kind of moratorium should exist on criticizing him or his utterly failed regime. Believing that understanding the past is an important component of understanding the present, I reject those propositions. In particular, I want the incoming president to comprehend the toxic atmosphere created by Watson and company over the past six years.

The vast majority of persons on this campus are either unwilling or afraid to speak out on the myriad abuses of the Watson administration. However, when people leave the CSU "family," they are often willing to reveal their feelings about the experience of working under this administration. What follow are excerpts from a document written by a former administrative employee. Judge for yourself if these remarks ring true:

In my estimation, the legacy of the Watson administration will primarily be one of shame and dishonor. Our new president must take this university on a different path.

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  1. Your loyal readers agree that failed processes lead to failed outcomes ; same people from 2009 are selecting new president. FOIA law needs to specify criminal and civil penalties for those refusing to ethically respond to FOIAs within strict legal time limits. Failed administrators shouldn't just be allowed to step down; they need to have pensions stripped like Burge; and go out in cuffs for violations of oaths to work for public good.