Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Chicago State Hits a New Enrollment Low: Another "Accomplishment" for the Watson Administration

There it is folks, the new benchmark for failure here at Chicago State. The dismal numbers: since 2010, the university under the "leadership" of Watson has lost 2595 students (35.2 percent). The most recent enrollment drop from last spring to this fall is the tenth consecutive semester of enrollment losses at CSU. Spring will undoubtedly be the eleventh straight under Watson. The Board has already decided that the reason for this decline is the absence of a state budget. Obviously, Watson bears no responsibility for this continuing disaster, although for several months, the Board has asked Cheri Sidney and other representatives of Enrollment Management when the enrollment decline will stop. Neither she nor anyone else from that section has an answer other than vague assurances that enrollment will "stabilize" then "increase incrementally," assertions rendered false by our continued free fall. Here's my partial solution to the problem: fire Wayne Watson and root out the incompetent cronies who have orchestrated this failure over the past 5 years. If the Board is unwilling to take decisive action in the best interests of the university, what is the community to think? what are prospective students to think? what are prospective donors to think? In a city of nearly 3 million people--at a school with so many Vice Presidents that they fall all over each other, where six-figure administrators abound--we can't find even 5,000 students who want to come to school here. Pitiful.

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