Friday, September 4, 2015

How Has Dennis Shields Performed at UW-Platteville? Here's One Measure: Enrollment

In an effort to provide the campus community as much information as possible about the three presidential finalists, we will present relevant data when it is available. Since Dennis Shields has served as the Chancellor of Wisconsin Platteville, it is possible to evaluate his performance in the same way we can evaluate Wayne Watson's failure. As we know, Watson bloviates but his "achievements" are virtually nil with the potential destruction of the university perhaps his most enduring legacy. Shields came to Platteville in 2010 so his tenure there closely mirrors Watson's tenure at Chicago State.

From 2010 to 2014, Platteville's enrollment increased by nearly 1,000 students. That university's 12.3 percent enrollment increase represented the best performance of any school in the eleven-university system of non-research universities. Overall, the enrollment in that system increase by less than 1 percent, adding 742 students. As the school with the largest increase, Platteville's enrollment increased by 973 students between 2010-14. Clearly, all three candidates have many questions to answer but we at least have one with a track record of enrollment growth. Here are the comparative figures for the system:


  1. But, we are apparently not going to have the opportunity to ask those questions.

  2. Shame on Chancellor Shields! Go to to learn more about the corruption that is running UW Platteville into the ground.