Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Rigged Presidential Search: Apparently The Board Only Wants to Hear From Some of Us

For those of you who doubt that this "presidential search" is nothing more than a scam, here's an invitation sent today to select members of the university community (or the Chicago State "family" as our administrators are so fond of calling us). Since I received nothing, I can only assume the Board is not particularly interested in hearing my ideas on their phony search.

For those of you who are not on the "A" party list, the invitation came from Chicago State's Marketing Department, in particular, Wanda Wright. Her telephone number is on the invitation if you would like to ask why you were not invited. Here's the pertinent portion of Wright's e-mail:

This event raises at least two questions for me: how much is this going to cost the taxpayers? what university fund is paying for all this?


  1. It's as if they discriminate so routinely, they've gotten downright sloppy about evidence. Treating selected members differently is discrimination.

  2. Is it invite only or can anyone attend? I'm free on May 16!

  3. Nikki Zollar and Anthony Young would not need to put on all these phony "listening tours" if they had constructed a search committee that was truly balanced toward the interests of the university. The point is they do not want CSU to be anything more than a political plum to be delivered to some politically-connected insider. They have cherry-picked who they want (step one in rigging). The job description is the next test. Has it already been written by the trustees? (step two in rigging).

    No offense personally to those junior faculty pressed into service, but will you have the guts to resign from that committee when it dawns on you at some point in the next year that you are being used to prop up a phony process? that your voice is nothing? that you are there simply to rubber stamp what Zollar and Young want? Will you have the guts to stand up to the Committee's Trustee Chairperson and read a statement signed by 99% of the "advisory" committee telling them exactly how outraged you are by their actions and walk out en masse from that meeting? We did at the last presidential search. Most members of the current committee have little or no institutional memory of that time.

    This search is building up to be another example of just how how tenaciously the local political elites want to hold onto CSU as its football. In doing that they continue to hold the university back. CSU will never be all it can be while the pols maintain this kind of hold. This charade is building up to be another waste of faculty time and taxpayer money.

  4. As readers of this blog are well aware, members of the faculty are not to communicate directly with trustees. Since this is from the Board of Trustees it is likely that the faculty of CSU is not invited.

  5. This is simply ridiculous. Faculty are not 'invited' to the tea party. Faculty are forbidden to speak to the Board members. It seems to be an appropriate time for some civil disobedience to remind the power besotted administration about faculty RIGHTS and our right to assemble and to speak freely.

    1. I agree it's time to have a sit-in or protest march and get the media. No other "university" has insane rules like this; and then the Trustees wonder why enrollment will likely go under 4000 soon---less than a public high school near CSU.