Friday, May 17, 2013

Well, they met, legally or not, and (surprise, surprise) guess what they said?

"Chicago State board stands behind embattled president"--Chicago Tribune

Chicago State Board of Trustees

CC: "And what the heck is the average age of this phallocentric Board of Trustees now?"


  1. Unbelievable. Is there another university in this country that has no one with educational experience on their Board?

  2. What is more disturbing is that we no longer have a board that can act independently, much as HLC regulations demand it. If the board challenges Wayne Watson, Emil Jones will swoop in to preserve the patronage pit at all costs and Gov. Quinn will do what Emil wants. We saw that play out in March. But this board clearly will never stand up to Watson and their lack of experience in university matters only aids and abets the power of this presidency. It's all so sickening made moreso by the thought that too many people hope the patronage pit will work for them --maybe my wife/husband/kid/in-law/cousin will get hired--so they go along and hope to ride out the worst of it. Yeah, we can comfort ourselves that we do some good things at CSU, but we won't be great until we get out of this mire of mediocrity.

  3. Unfortunately for both me an the present corrupt administration, it makes no sense for me to transfer. I'd lose a full year of grad school credits.

    Sigh. Well, I guess this means game on. Well, to be honest, I enjoy being the fly in the ointment.