Monday, May 20, 2013

The Run for the Roses is over and the Preakness just ended, it's a few weeks to the Belmont Stakes, anyone want to bet on the new provost?

Once upon a time I worked for a year at Columbia University (NYC, fyi) as an administrative assistant in the Office of the Secretary which was third in line of academic order and power after the Office of the President and Office of the Provost. The rule of thumb I learned there from dealing with those administrative mentors who were scholars and academics of some distinction was that it was ok for the President to be from outside the university (mostly a campus figurehead whose job it was to raise money and the status of the university), but that a provost must be an insider, someone who knew the faculty, who knew the operation of the university, and hopefully had garnered some respect and standing from the faculty. It being Columbia the understanding was that this would be a scholar of some distinction as well. I've always remembered this and noted its operation and success (or lack thereof and failure) at various universities.


Since lack of communication on campus is one of our main strengths according to the HLC report--I might as well see if anyone else here can confirm the "known secrets" I've been hearing about for a little while:

1. That Sandra Westbrooks is retiring at the end of June and
2. will be replaced by....

you know it's coming...

....WW didn't raise the provost's salary this semester to $200,000 (one of the 18-22% hikes he gave out to certain administrators after Quinn took out the Board of Trustees that was standing in his way) because of Sandra's valiant service, it was more in anticipation of the new provost to be anointed by him...

..and don't forget we're not at Columbia College let alone Columbia University...

drum roll please: the Next Provost

Vice President of the impressively grandiose inflated and out of control Enrollment Management Office
Angela (Mrs. Victor-the-president's- personal-attorney) Henderson.

You wouldn't be suprised would you? Two City Colleges outsiders running Chicago State.

 Anyone want to take on this bet?

CC: "It's a family affair, it's a family affair...
...You can't leave, 'cause your heart is there
But you can't stay, 'cause you been somewhere else!

You can't cry, 'cause you'll look broke down
But you're cryin' anyway 'cause you're all broke down!

It's a family affair
It's a family affair..."


  1. Has Miss Angie even earned a Ph.D. yet?

    1. Not that it would matter to this regime, but I believe it has been acquired.

    2. One hopes that Angie didn't use any time that she was being paid by tax payers to work on finishing a what exactly? Dystopian Management?

  2. I will LITERALLY die of shock if Henderson don't get it.