Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Board of Trustees--Can they meet on May 17th?

Since Governor Quinn caved to pressure from Emil Jones (CSU's own deus ex machina) to oust three members of CSU's Board of Trustees who dared challenge Emil's bff prez (i.e.Wayne Watson), who dared to think that a Board of Trustees operated independently of the president's office (i.e. Emil's bff), we are still in a quandry --it's not will the CSU board meet, but can they meet?

As of yesterday we still don't have the new appointees (two more F.O.W.) confirmed by the ILL Senate. Or, if they have been it has not been announced.

What does that mean for anyone up for tenure? for contracts at the university? for oversight of the "fiduciary interests" of the school (LOL) like allowing 18-22% pay raises to select administrators?

The point is well-taken Gov Quinn and Mr Jones--who needs a functional board of trustees at a patronage pit anyway?

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